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We Can Help You Get Rest

The Z MD Sleep Center offers medical evaluation to diagnose and treat common sleep disorders. By participating in a controlled sleep study, Z MD’s board certified physicians and highly skilled staff evaluate and score the studies on site to diagnose disorders and determine the best treatment options for each patient.

Z MD diagnoses and treats the following disorders:

  • Insomnia

  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Emphasis on Sleep Hygiene

  • Parasomnia

  • Circadian Sleep Disorders

  • Hypersomnias

  • Other Behavioral Sleep Disorders

Our Services

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

After an individual sleep study is performed, doctors and staff will analyze the results of the study to determine the most suitable treatment options given the patient’s condition. Some sleep disorder may require medication to alleviate symptoms, while others may be effectively treated with a change in daily patterns and habits.

Sleep Studies

Individual evaluation is needed to treat sleep disorders. After a patient undergoes an initial consultation, he or she will participate in a sleep study. The study will analyze and evaluate various brain activities and body functions during the night. After the study is complete, the doctors will score the study immediately, recommend treatment options, and send the results to your primary care physician or the physician that requested the sleep study.

Sleep Medicine

Our staff consists of a board certified sleep medicine doctor and highly skilled physicians, technologists, and staff. We work together to evaluate each patient’s symptoms so that we can accurately diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

Immediate Scoring

Z MD scores and evaluates all sleep studies on site. As soon as your sleep study is complete, a board certified physician and technologist will evaluate the results of the study and send them to your physician on the same day.

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